We’re excited to announce that F.O.B. is available for booking your private event! Our large spacious room is great for hail and farewells, corporate events, networking, meet-ups, presentations, banquets and catered dinners. As well as birthday parties, retirement celebrations and graduations! We offer a wide open space for entertaining and plenty of seating and standing room for up to 150 guests. The room is outfitted with two large flat-screen televisions and two large speakers for your use.  

Our military themed brewery features a fully-staffed tap-room of house made beers, rotating guest beers and ciders. For Non Alcoholic beverages we offer De Espresso Liber coffee, water bottles and root-beer.  

  1. Are my children allowed at F.O.B.? Yes, we pride ourselves on being a family friendly establishment.  HOWEVER, F.O.B IS NOT CHILDPROOF! You need to keep small children by your side at all times.  We have many sharp edges, cement floors, wood surfaces etc... The last thing we want is your toddler getting hurt. Also, Please do clean up after your children
  2. Do you have "my date" available? For your convenience we have attached our calendar at the very bottom of this page.
  3. What days are available for events? F.O.B. is available for private events Tuesday - Thursday. Mondays we are closed to the public because we are busy brewing, however if you need a Monday please feel free to submit your request and we will take it into consideration.  Friday, Saturday = NO PRIVATE EVENTS
  4. How many people can F.O.B. hold? Our Maximum occupancy is 80.
  5. Do you serve food? We do not serve food or have a kitchen.  However, you are more than welcome to bring in food from an outside source or let me know you are interested in one of the food trucks we have on rotation at FOB. For more information about the food trucks click HERE.
  6. Is there a kitchen available? No.
  7. Do you have ice? No.
  8. Can I use any vendor for food? Yes.
  9. Can I BBQ in the back? No. BUT you can bring in pre-cooked buffet style chafer pans with "safe heat cans" sold at party city.
  10. Will the Tap-Room be open? Yes, a fully-staffed tap-room with taps of house made beers, rotating guest beers, ciders, De Espresso Liber coffee, water bottles and root-beer will be available.
  11. Can I bring in hard liquor or my own beer? No. Military units send me a message to find out our policy on GROGS.
  12. Are there any restrictions on use of space? Decorations are allowed on tables.  However, hanging items from ceiling or walls isn't possible as our walls are cement and our ceiling is pretty high. Please don't hesitate to ask permission for specific ideas. 
  13. Are there restrictions on photography or videography? No. Shoot away!
  14. Are there any noise restrictions? We ask that everyone be respectful to our neighbors.
  15. What forms of payment do you take? Cash, credit, debit.
  16. What is your cancellation policy? For full refund we require at least 30 days notice.
  17. Can I hire a DJ? Yes.
  18. Is the venue handicap accessible? Absolutely.
  19. Is parking available on site? We have onsite parking.
  20. Is there any restrictions in Tap Room? Yes, behind the bar and Brewering areas are "OFF LIMITS" at all times.
  21. Who is responsible for cleanup and tear down? You are. 

We have implemented a $250 Venue Fee with a $400 minimum per 2 hr. block time frame.  Your event WILL NOT be booked until Venue Fee is paid in full and policy form signed.

Military Event discount. Venue Fee is $100 with a $400 minimum per 2 hr. block time frameYour event WILL NOT be booked until Venue Fee is paid in full and policy form signed.


We would be honored to host your wedding at FOB. Please scroll up to the calendar of this page.  If your date is available fill out the short form located at the bottom of this page and I will be in contact with you to discuss further details.


We look forward to serving you!

Are you interested in booking your event at fob? 

Please check out our calendar above. Once you find a date you are interested in, fill out the short form below.  Be sure to answer all questions. If you are interested in a food truck... >>>ATTENTION POLICY CHANGE AS OF JUNE 28th<<< For private events we will no longer book food trucks for you. For your convenience, here are a few Pierce County food trucks that FOB has built a good relationship with that YOU can call and make arrangements with please click HERE.

We are honored that you are considering celebrating your special event at FOB. Please fill out the form below and lets chat about your upcoming event and book your site visit. 



Name *
Date of interest? Please Note: We do not book Private Events on Fridays or Saturdays *
Date of interest? Please Note: We do not book Private Events on Fridays or Saturdays
I understand FOB Brewing Co. requires a $250 Venue Fee (Military Event Discount rate is $100.00) with a $400 minimum in purchases of any FOB Beverages, snacks and/or Swag is to be made by the end of the event. Or I will be responsible for remaining balance. Please note this minimum has been easily met 99.99% of the time. *
I understand FOB Brewing Co. is a brewery that makes and sells in-house beer. We do not offer hard liquor or soda other than root-beer. *
I understand FOB Brewing Co. is a brew house / tap room that IS "family friendly" BUT is NOT toddler proof and parents need to be parents at all times. *