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1st Annual F.O.B. Chili Cookoff for Youth and Veterans

The Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) and F.O.B. Brewing present the 1st Annual F.O.B. Chili Cookoff for Youth and Veterans to raise funds for the Pat Tillman Memorial Post 53 American Legion Family’s Youth Programs and Veterans Rehab.

Where did chili really start, and what exactly is it? Most Americans will argue that chili is what you make it. But for the true Texans among us, it has to be Texas Red Chili. No tomatoes. No beans. Just meat. Some chili lovers will balk at the idea that chili could be made without beans or tomatoes, but head down to Texas and they’ll tell you that a “soup” with tomatoes and beans is definitely not Chili. Texas Red or Cowboy Chili comes from the days of the chuck wagons and cattle drives. And, once you try it you’ll be hooked.

But most of us aren’t from Texas, and we grew up eating a Homestyle Chili. A lot of people think of Cincinnati Chili, a spicy sauce that may or may not have beans. But usually Homestyle means beans, tomatoes, a variety of ground meats, and even cheese and onions can play a role. Most of us grew up with it, and we ALL love it. The good news is the 1st Annual F.O.B. Chili Cook Off in DuPont will feature both styles and YOU can sample it all.

NOTE: Children are welcome but must be supervised by a parent at all times and may not be in close proximity to the bar.

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