Host a class at fob brewing

Thank you for your interest in using Forward Operating Base Brewing Company to host your class.  

We absolutely love helping other small businesses.  We believe in gathering, networking and building strong relationships. We commit to being a venue that serves, provides and produces with a spirit of excellence and are thankful you would like to partner with us in being a part of creating a strong sense of community!

A few things to note:

 1.   We reserve Sundays for hosting classes with 2 options. Time slots are 3-5pm and 6-8pm.

2.   We ask that you create an event with an exciting and detailed description on Facebook and add Forward Operating Base Brewing Company as a co-host.

3.  We ask that you create an 8.5 x 11 flyer to print off for hanging up in brewery and a 5x5 for social media purposes. Please make sure your flyer is clear and concise including a description of how people can sign up and then email to fobjennifer@gmail.

4.   We ask that you handle all payments and sign ups of customers. 

5.   We appreciate that you tag us in all your post pertaining to the scheduled event.

6.   All “customer questions” will be directed to you from us.

7.   We expect all tables to be fully cleared, cleaned and moved back the way you found them after your class is finished. However, please know everyone is welcome to stay as long as they would like to.

8.  Please return all empty glasses to bar upon leaving. 

9.   Food: FOB requests food trucks as much as possible.  If your event will have a food truck I will post it in your event and on our calendar.  If there is not a food truck that means I could not book one. In this case, please let everyone know they can bring in food / order in.

10. Fees: Effective June 1st we charge a fee of $10 per head for a class size of 10 or more. (Please note there is NO CHARGE for small class of under 10) that is paid to us the day of event with a minimum of $100. Please note: Fitness classes are set up differently and with different arrangements. Contact me for further details

Because events create a lot of interest with our customers and people who have never been to FOB Brewing please ensure you are prepared to respond to event inquiries in a timely manner to make sure this event is a success. 

 Our promise to you

We take full advantage of the many forms of social media. Here are the ways we help in making your event a success.  

1.   We will add your event to our monthly newsletter that goes out to over a 1000 (and growing) of our exclusive email subscribers.

2.    Your event will be on our calendar located inside brewery.

3.   Flyers will be hung throughout our venue. 

4.   Your event will be on our website. 

5.   With the FB post you make it will be in our events section for all to see. (don’t forget to add Forward Operating Base Brewing Company as your Co-Host). 

6.   We also share on our Instagram page @fobbrewing.

7.   And lastly @beerswithabadass will feature your event in their weekly FOB update on their FB and YouTube channel hosted by our manager FOBMatt. 

If you are in agreement with the above expectations and would like to move forward let’s get your request started. Please email me the following:

  • Your personal information: Name and contact information.

  • Description of your class

  • How long you have been teaching

  • Website

  • Facebook link

  • Instagram link

  • Date and time of request

    Please send request to I will respond within 72 hours. Thank you again for your interest in hosting your class at Forward Operating Base Brewing Company.